Aligners have been used to treat malpositioned teeth since 1998. The treatment method was originally developed by an American company which revolutionized orthodontics. Since then, more than 6 million patients worldwide have been successfully treated with aligner systems. The biomechanical approach is similar to braces. However, instead of wires and brackets, the shape of the aligner creates the requiered pressure to move the teeth. This way, the teeth are gradually moved to the desired position.

The treatment method has gained popularity worldwide – and is of course also being used successfully in Germany, where we are based. With the MODERN CLEAR SYSTEM we offer on an international level a treatment method exclusively with “Made in Germany” quality: 


• Medically on the safe side


• Suitable for a variety of misalignments


• Planning and production in Germany


• Fast and easy workflow


In addition, the system is being continuously optimized to ensure a treatment based on the latest scientific insights and technical capabilities – MODERN, as the name suggests.

Those who value all these aspects when it comes to aligners will make the right choice with MODERN CLEAR.



Aligners instead of Braces

The advantages of an aligner treatment compared to a traditional treatment with braces are obvious:



Aligners are almost not visible and allow discreet treatment. Work colleagues, customers, classmates – nobody will notice anything. Unless you tell them.



Aligners are removable and are easily taken out before eating and brushing. You are not restricted in any way in your choice of food or in your daily dental care.



Aligners often allow a significantly shorter treatment time compared to braces. The precise, 3D-supported planning and manufacturing enables goals to be achieved more quickly.



Medically on the Safe Side

  Non-binding 3D Prognosis

Even during the very first consultation with your dentist or orthodontist, impressions or scans of your teeth can be taken. At MODERN CLEAR, we create your individual 3D treatment plan with this data of the position of your teeth, taking into account your individual wishes and the recommendations of the practitioner. The next time you visit your doctor, you can see a 3D simulation of your teeth, which shows you the course of the planned treatment from start to end position.

MODERN CLEAR shows you what your teeth will look like at the end of the treatment even before you start.

Only then, when you are satisfied with the predicted final result, you give your dentist your consent for treatment with MODERN CLEAR aligners.

 Easy Treatment Method

MODERN CLEAR aligners are a custom-made appliance that is specially designed for your treatment. A treatment is possible for the upper or lower arch as well as both arches.

At the beginning of the treatment, you will receive from your doctor a set of aligners that you will wear one after the other. Every two weeks you change to the next one. Each aligner exerts light pressure on the teeth and moves them bit by bit into the desired position. You will have to wear the aligners throughout the entire day. The aligner is only removed for eating and brushing your teeth.

 Individual Therapy Length

The duration of the treatment is different for each patient because it depends on the severity of the malposition of the teeth and the resulting extent of the necessary tooth movements. 

On average, a treatment with MODERN CLEAR aligners takes about 6 months.

 Finishing the Treatment

Once the treatment is complete, you only need to wear a stabilising aligner for a few hours a day (or overnight) so that your new smile is permanently preserved. This retention aligner is part of MODERN CLEAR’s treatment standard and is automatically included as the last aligner in your set.

Alternatively, your doctor can attach a permanent retainer to the inside of your front teeth. With this type of stabilisation, your teeth are firmly fixed by a wire individually adapted to the shape of your teeth, so there is no need to wear a retention aligner overnight. The permanent retainer is not visible from the outside.




1st case


2nd case


3rd case