Do you want even whiter teeth?


Feel better, look modern and have an unforgettable smile! Whitening is safe, effective and very quick.
Within only 40 minutes your teeth will shine.
What are the reasons for darkening of the teeth?
Most of the staining is due to the consumption of coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco, due to the use of tetracycline, Coca-Cola, natural juices with colourants, curry, etc. Teeth also маъ  darken with age and during pregnancy.

Is it safe?


YES. Whitening is a safe cosmetic procedure. It has been practiced by many dentists throughout the world for more than 15 years.Studies on whitened teeth indicate that there is no x-ray data showing any damage to the enamel, tooth neck or soft tissue. There is not a single case of necrosis reported in the world.
How much does the result last?
After whitening, teeth never adopt their old colour. This is very clearly seen when treating only one jaw, since the other is used for comparison.
In order to maintain the best possible color we recommend regular washing with toothbrush and paste, dental floss, inter-dental toothbrushes and occasional overnight whitening with gel placed in trays or patches.
How does whitening work?
The hydrogen peroxide decomposes and oxygen is released that penetrates the enamel and the dentine. It eliminates staining while the tooth structure remains intact.
Are there side effects?
Most patients get a 24-hour higher teeth sensitivity, which fully dissipates in all of the cases.







You do not need to hide your smile due to cavities, stains or crooked teeth anymore. With veneers, we are able to correct the imperfections very easily. Veneers have a natural appearance and are the perfect alternative for patients who require minimum corrections and a more beautiful smile.

They are thin flakes custom-made of porcelain and are intended to cover the front of a tooth. You will see after their placing that they look like natural teeth.
Their advantage over crowns is the fact that teeth are filed-away to a much lesser degree.
However, if the degree of destruction of the tooth is bigger /for example, there are multiple cavities/ and the sound base is insufficient for supporting the veneers, treatment using crowns of pure ceramics or zirconia is recommended.




Zirconia  crowns



Zirconia crowns and bridges gain great popularity in the dental treatment. These crowns possess high adaptability regarding their colour and transparency; they are wear-resistant and have perfect marginal integration. They emerge from the gum as a natural tooth, preventing the “black metal tattoo line” which many patients complain of, wearing porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns (PFM crowns).
The dental technicians fabricate the zirconia crowns from zirconia ingots using a special technology known as cad-cam. The plaster models are scanned in advance and the tooth shape is uploaded on a computer. Zirconia crowns are recommended always when there are missing teeth and fabrication of a bridge is necessary or when a single crown is needed.


zirconia crowns



metal-free ceramics



Metal-free ceramics promotes achievement of exceptional aesthetics and natural look of teeth restorations. It contains no metal alloys. Its transparency is very good. It is used only for fabrication of crowns and veneers. It is not suitable for bridges.

Consultation with our doctors is required for choosing the most appropriate material for your mouth. The choice depends on the dentist’s knowledge, the present teeth in the patient’s mouth, the gingival biotype, the occlusion (bite) type, the finances available, etc.


 new beautiful smile with  all ceramic crowns





What is bonding?

Bonding is a quick way for correcting slightly chipped-off, abraded, darkened, crooked or gapped teeth. A light-curing resin is placed on the teeth for improving their appearance since there is a variety of colours close to the natural teeth colour.
It is cheaper than other cosmetic procedures and may be performed within one visit. Sometimes, there might be staining in-between teeth and then, in-office Air-flow cleaning is necessary or teeth-chipping that can be restored - and again in-office.
Hence, it is used in an urgent need of a beautiful smile. If the aesthetic expectations of the patient are very high, it is better to use ceramic veneers or crowns.