Tooth decay treatment

Tooth decay is tooth destruction to a different degree.
It is due to sugars which remain in the mouth and are transformed into an acid. If you feel pain when eating sweet, cold or warm food , you most probably have tooth decay. Do not hesitate to contact us for check-up even at the slightest discomfort because if not treated on time, this condition may lead to complications: severe aesthetic problems, pain and loss of teeth.
Thanks to the modern high-esthetic materials, cavities and broken-off teeth may be restored completely without any pain and with results invisible to the eye.



broken front tooth and its restoration via composite

broken front tooth and its restoration via composite




root canal treatment

picture presenting the tooth and its pulp

Root canal treatment is performed in cases of tooth pulp / nerve / inflammation. It is commonly carried-out in one visit using anaesthesia and more rarely, if necessary, it extends over several visits. The purpose is to eliminate the pulp / nerve / inflamed and infected, to disinfect and fill-up the root canals with a special paste.









pediatric dentistry

The first visit of your child to a dentist must be pleasant. Children are not born with a natural fear of dentists, but they fear of the unknown. Our team makes special efforts to speak carefully and calmly to your child and to explain and describe each manipulation. We would like you and your child to feel relaxed at each of your visits. Depending on the level of comfort and readiness of your children, we will examine them, we will evaluate the development of their teeth, jaws and face and we will make a recommendation for a treatment, when necessary.
It is good for children to visit a dentist since their first year. Teeth start erupting after the sixth month of the birth and creating& hygienic habits from the very beginning is important. Children may have fun with getting to know their teeth.
Please, get an appointment with a dentist for your child every 6 months.