missing tooth successfully replaced with a dental implant


Implantology has been widely applied for treatment of missing teeth during the past decade. Placing an implant has become a routine procedure often recommended by dentists. This is normal, since mankind has accumulated 70-year experience and the modern technologies allow for improving the procedure, the tools and the choice of the implant which is most appropriate for achieving the long-lasting result desired.

In almost each case of extraction of a permanent tooth, we recommend placing an implant at a certain stage and we always use patients’ own growth factors. Thus, time is saved and the natural healing of the wound after extraction is combined with the implant healing and stabilization. Depending on the healing rate and the patient bone quality, the implant is subject to occlusal loading at the time of placement or after 2 - 4 -6 or 9 months. The implant functions as a natural tooth and shall be treated as such. We recommend cleaning twice a day and a visit to the dentist for examination once a year. In case of good care, implants will remain in the mouth for the whole lifetime.





  case 1

  Implants  are placed in the place of the missing back teeth of the lower jaw

  case 2missing teeth are replaced by implants

case 3

missing tooth is replaced by implant


case 4

missing teeth are replaced by implants


case 5

placing an implant after the first lower incisor has been extracted






We are able to solve your problem as follows.


The patient enters the clinic at 9 o’clock in the morning with their own teeth and leaves at 5 pm with new teeth. These new teeth are used for 6 months.

We have made a decision together with the patient in advance based on an examination and a computer tomography /scanner imaging/ showing that the patient’s own teeth and inflamed gums are not functional any more and create more problems than benefits and that it is better to extract them. Our dental technicians have fabricated the new teeth in advance. We have prepared growth factors and biomaterials in advance.

We extract all the teeth, place implants and fix the teeth already made in one step within 4-5 hours.

This express method allows for sparing the stress of edentulism to the patient and does not disturb eating and aesthetics. The patient receives non-removable teeth without tooth mobility, but remain stable, and is able to eat right away and to speak without any concern.

These teeth are removed 6 months after healing of the gums and the complete integration of the implants by simply unscrewing from the implants, and new permanent teeth are fabricated.

The TeethXpress method, the implants and the abutments are from the American company Biochorizons. We do not make compromises with the material quality. We know the protocol and adhere to it with no improvisations or substitution of components with cheaper ones.

The express teeth have a fixed price.



  case 1

 Fast-fix prosedure

  case 2

 teeth express procedure







Another affordable way of restoring the teeth is making a acrylic dentures which is retained only by two implants and is removable.

If you already have a removable denture and would like it to be more stable and non-mobile while you are speaking or eating, we are able to help.
Two implants are placed below the denture and, after two months, abutments are screwed over the implants that are attachable to the denture in a way similar to a snap button. Thus, the denture may be removed for cleaning and when it is placed in the mouth again, it snaps onto the implants and does not move.


  case 1



Denture stabilization via implants

 case 2



dental implants give the denture more stability